£6,000 of Business Improvement – FREE!

Despite the daily feed of cuts and budget reductions, there is still one source of funding for business improvement available to businesses in the UK.

Manufacturing businesses can access up to £6,000 worth of FREE business improvement work.

So who is eligible?

  • turnover less than 50m Euros?
  • less than 250 employed?

Then you should meet the criteria. Design and distribute from the UK but get items manufactured elsewhere? this is okay to.

If you’re based in the East Midlands (Northampton to Lincoln, Skegness to Burton) or Yorkshire & Humberside (Worksop to Kirbymoorside, Flamborough Head to Halifax) then give us a call and we can help you access this help.

The best advice?  if you’re in the East Midlands or Yorkshire & Humberside is to give us a call, 07712 669396, or drop us a line info@resqmr.co.uk and we’ll see if we can help you.

We offer a FREE one day consultation, where we work out exactly how much this investment could return.

So who have we helped? FMCG companies, small batch producers, furniture manufacturers, electrical panel producers, fabrication companies, printing companies, joinery manufacturers etc 

We’ll take you through all the paperwork to get at the funds (there aren’t too many papers and most businesses can find the information required easily.)

This match funding comes via the Manufacturing Advisory Service. This is the national scheme, administered on a regional basis, which can help your business to develop and grow.

Give us a call and we’ll see if your business can get £6,000 towards finding the hidden improvements to increase profits and customer satisfaction!!





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