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Is President Obama poised to go lean?

I was intrigued as to what President Obama would make his priorities in his first address to the US population so watched his first weekly video address on the BBC website.

Towards the end, just on 4 mins, he mentions that he is looking to root out waste & inefficiency in government.

So thinking that maybe Obama has come across lean I googled “Obama Lean” and found two key stories;

  • He has appointed a Chief Performance Officer to the White House staff, Nancy Killefer an appointee from McKinsey and the story is covered here and covers what her role entails.
  • Given his appointment to the post of the President on Tuesday he found time in the week before to visit a company, Cardinal Fasteners who have used lean techniques since 1998 and used it to turn to new technologies in the last two years.

Visit the Cardinal Fasteners website to see how they promote lean thinking.   

So what is the evidence as to whether Obama might be a fan of Lean?

  • He’s appointed a Chief Performance Officer,
  • He talks of reducing waste and inefficency, not just inefficiency or becoming more productive,
  • He visited and championed a company who have used lean techniques, in the week he took on the most powerful office.

Okay it might not seem much and he hasn’t actually used the word lean or lean thinking but we’ll keep an eye and ear open for any other stories we see about this, it may help promote lean over here too.

Visit www.resqmr.co.uk for details of how lean can be applied across many functions in organisations including; FREE papers and guides on LEAN in marketing, sales, accounting, HR etc.

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