the lean manager – about us

We focus on the application of Lean in many departments and functions including those outside of operations and into many different sectors.

We consider our specialisms to include the application of Lean Management in terms of

If you have questions about Lean then please feel free to call Mark on 07712 669396.

You can also follow all of our lean thinking management insights and observations on twitter via our account which can be found directly via @theleanmanger for those of you with accounts or at

This blog was started by ResqMR a business that now trades as Levantar – a Lean Management business process improvement training and consultancy firm with offices in York and Nottingham in the UK.

Levantar can be found at

We often help out when companies are not sure how to start, when they have started but need some further guidance or just want to find out what benefits Lean could bring to their organisation. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch if need any help on

Who do we help? Manufacturers, Charities, Retailers, FMCG organisations, Legal Firms to name a few. When it comes to size we’ve worked with companies of just right up to 300-500 employee sites.

Levantar require all its consultants to register with MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) this allows us to offer our services and guide companies, from anywhere in England towards FUNDING for the work we do, making Lean Thinking even more attractive.

In particular we are experts on applying lean in marketing, sales, accounting and finance.

Visit our website at find out about lean accounting, lean marketing & lean sales.

On this blog you’ll find our observations of everyday lean and not-so-lean practices that we find.

If you want to find out  how lean  can help you with your profit improvement strategy or your cost reduction strategy then give us a call – our details are below;

drop us a line at or visit the website


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